Excel 2010 Issue – Opening A Worksheet, Opens A New Blank Worksheet Too…!

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asked Apr 20, 2017 in MS Excel Issues by Anjilena

Currently I am using office 2010 and one issue that I have noticed with my excel program suit is that every time I tries to open one of my Excel worksheets the 2nd one along with that also gets opened which is a blank worksheet. At first I thought it was my personal .xlsx, but when I saved it the blank sheet still appear. I have no idea what the matter is, can anyone help me out?

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by alva (640 points)

Regarding each time when excel application is opened, a new instance is also get opened I would like to suggest you to follow the steps given in this thread link mentioned below and check if that helps:


Registry Disclaimer:

Modifications in the registry settings can cause serious problems that may hinder your PC to take boot properly. Microsoft can’t guarantees if any problem happened due to configuring of REGISTRY settings. So do modifications of these settings at your own risk.

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