Excel 2010: After crash, temp file created, but shows no data upon pulling into excel

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asked Sep 2, 2017 in MS Excel Issues by Lieve

Auto recovering setting is active, file should have saved every 10 minutes and I also manually saved a couple of times. 

Eexcel crashed due to unknown error and closed. Upon opening , it didn't propose me the recovered file, versioning didn't show me the previous versions. But I did notice that a .tmp file was created around the time excel crashed. So I tried importing it, but it doesn't show any data at all, although it's almost 80 MB.

Also Local\Temp folder created a .dat file, which is around the crash time, but I cannot open it.

What I tried so far:

  • File -> Recent -> recovered Unsaved Workbooks : Not there
  • File -> Info -> versions: No previous versions
  • Tried to open the .tmp file which was created after crash: no data is shown, although file is 80MB
  • Check the recovery locations on C:, which I see has been updated -> Date, but nothing is showing

I'm out of ideas on how to recover this workbook...if  somebody else got one, please let me know!?


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answered Sep 2, 2017 by Sherry (350 points)

To recover your work - Try renaming the file extension from .tmp to .xlsx and then open.

Hope this will work you but if not then you can try our software to recover your Excel files.

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