Column and row headings missing in Excel???

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asked Jul 13, 2018 in MS Excel Issues by Charles

Hello Everyone,

Today when I open my Excel the columns and row headings are missing. I don’t know what goes wrong with my Excel file.

Can anyone know how to recover the Columns and Row headings missing in Excel? 

Please help me!!! Thanks in advance

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answered Jul 13, 2018 by lorein0688 (970 points)

Hello Charles,

Well, this is not a big issue or error in Excel; this is the common issue that appears in many cases while working on Excel workbook.

If column letters and row numbers are missing then go to View > click on “Headings”. However sometimes the row and column heading are gone and there is not written A, B, C and so on the above columns. Even you can identify the Rows 1, 2, 3... is also missing.

And to show or hide the row and column numbers and letters simply go to the View Ribbon > tick mark at Formula Bar.

This is it. 

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